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Cheap Commissions (need funds)

I am offering cheap commissions with the hope to rise some money to pay
bills and similar stuff so, if you're interested, just send me an email
here gaia.gandolfo@gondolin.it

I'm offering traditional inked images with grey tones for $10.
These can be portraits or little scene with a simple background, one or two character at the same price.
Here's an example:
 photo SAMPLE.jpg  photo comm9.jpg

For more example, you can take a look at my tumblr here or my DA page here.


Want to share some joy

My friend and I put together a photo-book of Piedicavallo (near Biella in region of Piemonte) and surrondings. It's a very little village where we use to go for almost every vacations and landscapes are wonderful - snow, mountains, nature, animals...
We picked our best photos across the four seasons and built this book. This summer we found an editor and next Dec 18 we're going to present it in the theater of the village.
The book is going to have a brief intro about the place and then PHOTOS. Everything is going to be written in Italian, English and French.

You can see few of the photos we used on my site or following this link (the description is in ita only here, but at least you can see few images in that flash thing on the top)

You have no idea (or maybe you do, right Apis?!) how exciting this thing is - a book with our photos is going to be officially in book-shops. We're only hoping now that people will be interested in this little thing enough to buy a copy.

I know Piedicavallo is everything but a well known palce as other cities here, but if any of you would be interested in one copy, just let me know.
The price should be around 16euros...


These are few commissioned char portraits I drew in the past week.
I like how they turned out and I'm kinda quick with these kind of pics :)
The last ones I drew are the two linearts portrait here - I'm just proud of these two :p

And these are my color steps, I didn't paint something in ages:


After SO much time, my site is online and running :D

New DA page!!

As some of you already noticed, I have a new - active - DA gallery.
You can find me here: gg-al.deviantart.com


Day 9

This is the castle of Rapallo:

Weekly Char

My exchange pics for the weekly-char round at PE :)


It was a LOT of time I didn't play with Tegaki XD



Something I sketched out during vacations:

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